Stylish EG7491 Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Hyperspace Light Cyan




The Yeezy Boost 350 V2is the flagship silhouette of the brand. Yeezy…created by Kanye West and Adidas. Three new colours are being introduced for this release. Exceptional fact: each colour is coming out in its own geographical area. The Clay in America, the True Form in Europe and Africa and the Hyperspace will come out in Asia.

The Yeezy 350 V2 Hyperspaceis a Primeknit canvas with light grey tones and bluish reflections. The transparent side stripe is reminiscent of the Yeezy 350V2 Static‘s design, and the outsole look cream is reflected on the rear pullover tab and inside the transparent side stripe.

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Women US5=UK3 1/2=EUR36=JP220=CHN220, Women US5 1/2=UK4=EUR36 2/3=JP225=CHN225, Women US6=UK4 1/2=EUR37 1/3=JP230=CHN230, Women US6 1/2=UK5=EUR38=JP235=CHN235, Women US7=UK5 1/2=EUR38 2/3=JP240=CHN235, Women US7 1/2=UK6=EUR39 1/3=JP245=CHN240, Men US7=UK6 1/2=EUR40=JP250=CHN245, Men US7 1/2=UK7=EUR40 2/3=JP255=CHN250, Men US8=UK7 1/2=EUR41 1/3=JP260=CHN255, Men US8 1/2=UK8=EUR42=JP265=CHN260, Men US9=UK8 1/2=EUR42 2/3=JP270=CHN265, Men US9 1/2=UK9=EUR43 1/3=JP275=CHN265, Men US10=UK9 1/2=EUR44=JP280=CHN270, Men US10 1/2=UK10=EUR44 2/3=JP285=CHN275, Men US11=UK10 1/2=EUR45 1/3=JP290=CHN280, Men US11 1/2=UK11=EUR46=JP295=CHN285, Men US12=UK11 1/2=EUR46 2/3=JP300=CHN290, Men US12 1/2=UK12=EUR47 1/3=JP305=CHN295